HELP WANTED: CT Challenge # 1

Here is an opportunity for curious high school critical thinkers to engage in a curious challenge. Your assignment is to review the entry entitled “Rainbow Trout: The Accidental Liver Cancer Model” and make suggestions for further study.

In science, many times we start out trying to answer one question and in doing so, we generate a multitude of other questions.  cYw challenges you to view the featured PDF, jotting down any questions that come to mind as you read the article. Post a comment with the question that you think suggests the next chapter in the story of the rainbow trout as a research model; what questions remain unanswered; what direction could further research take…and more.

The most intriguing ideas will be forwarded to leading liver cancer researchers and, if your comment is included, you will be given full credit for your contribution to the advancement of this life-saving science.


A Guide to Posting Comments to cYw CT Challenges
For reasons having to do with privacy and safety, the cYw Editorial Board 

  • Welcomes posts from anyone who is 13 or older to the CT Challenges
  • Asks that adults respect the intent of the CT Challenge and refrain from posting questions
  • Moderates all comments submitted for posting
  • Posts only the first names of student commenters    (Students should include their email and first name only. Last names will not be printed on the blog.)
  • Refers all commenters to the cYw Rules of Conduct

2 thoughts on “HELP WANTED: CT Challenge # 1

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  2. I think further study could be done in learning new and better ways to detect cancer earlier since there are such similarities between the rainbow trout and humans. After all the earlier the cancer is detected the sooner it can be treated.

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