1. Are you for or against animal use in research?

Keep in mind: our stories describe professional scientific studies involving lab animals, which help to advance our knowledge of diseases and conditions. We are not expressing viewpoints or personal opinions; our writers are simply relaying stories of how animal models are currently being used in research. For more information on animal research, check out Understanding Animal Research.

2. I love science and I want to get involved with curiousYoungwriters somehow…the only problem is I’m not a great writer. BUT I do make awesome animation clips. (Or I love painting. Or I’m a budding poet. Or I’m into photography.) Will you still accept my work?

If you’ve made anything that enhances any of our stories, the answer is “yes!” There are many ways to communicate about science. Use the stories as a guide for your work. Just be aware that we do not post actual names on our blog (see About curiousYoungwriters). Bottom line is there’s no harm in contacting us— we’d love to take a look at what you’ve created!

3. Who, exactly, manages this blog? 

This is a student-run site. Each entry is written and edited and published by high school students. cYw is intended to be read by high school students (although readers of all ages are certainly welcome!). We are backed by a team of devoted teachers and administrators, but nearly everything you see on this blog has come directly from students.

4. How can I submit a story to cYw?

Right now, all content for cYw is generated by high school students selected to participate in summer writing projects sponsored by the States United for Biomedical Research.  If you want to be a cYw blogger, please apply for a place in the 2014 Summer Curious Writing Project. Check back for applications in Fall 2013.

5. Any other questions?

Feel free to email our editorial staff at: questionsforcuriouswriters@gmail.com


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