About the Writers

cYw3: “Hi! I’m a student writer here at cYw, and I’m so excited to be working on this blog. The sheer level of creativity of the scientists we report about amazes me, and I can only aspire to be as innovative as them someday. But when I’m not reading slack-jawed about yet another fascinating scientific discovery, I pass my time playing guitar and solving puzzles. This year, I’m helping organize and write puzzles for the 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt, the largest puzzle hunt competition in the world. As a matter of fact, the originality and perseverance involved in puzzle-solving are what initially inspired my interest in science. (If you think about it, scientists and puzzle-solvers have a lot in common!) As a result, I’ve immersed myself in some scientific research of my own, ranging from mathematically modeling epidemics to developing computer programs for detecting disease. I’ve learned a lot from the scientific community, and thus cherish the opportunity to give back to it.”

cYw4: “Hello and welcome! I’m one of the cYw student writers, and I’m excited to be working on this blog. It was fun and inspiring to write my article for this blog. Writing is one of my favorite hobbies. In addition to writing, I enjoy exploring science and art. I have been involved with some of my own scientific research at my school on Alzheimer’s disease. Learning about research and conducting research are very different, and I’m glad I had the ability to do both. In my free time, I enjoy reading books and magazines such as Scientific American, baking, doing yoga, and creating art. Visual art provides a window to my feelings, allowing me to express what I think and how I feel. In the future, I hope to study biochemistry and art in college.”

cYw5: “Hi and welcome to cYw! I enjoyed getting the chance to research something uncommon through this project. I love everything about science, but climate change specifically fascinates me. What started as a little middle school project about rising oceanic water temperatures has turned into a real research project that I’m currently working on in high school. In my free time, I can be found reading up on current science, tie-dying, writing, and creating art. As for the future, I hope to major in biology in college.”

cYw6: “Hello there. Yet another cYw student writer here to introduce myself, and I share the excitement of my fellow writers for getting to write about cool scientific discoveries. Science is a wonderfully intricate and exciting field – everywhere you look, there’s something cool, be it in the stars or in the ground beneath your feet. The ability to observe and understand the world around me has fascinated me since childhood, and that fascination has only grown with age. Aside from staying up late, scrolling through news articles and Wikipedia articles about the topic of the day (I’ve been enjoying the lifelines of stars lately), I have a few other hobbies. I’m concertmaster of my local orchestra, and have played violin at Carnegie hall several times. I also play lacrosse, and am cocaptain of my school’s top ranked quizbowl team. I don’t know where I’m going to college yet, nor do I know for sure what I want to major in. Regardless, I’m truly thrilled to help spread my love of science to others.”

cYw7: “Hi cYw readers! This is my first article with cYw, and it has been such an amazing opportunity to be able to research these non-traditional animal models, learn about their applications to biomedical research, and share my findings with a thoughtful community. You could say that my love of science has followed me all throughout my life, from my enthusiastic participation in every elementary school science fair to my current studies at a STEM high school. Needless to say, I’m passionate about STEM education and as of now would like to major in biomedical engineering, neuroscience, or a related discipline to eventually become a professor engaged in research and educating the next generation. My favorite hobbies are singing, horse-back riding, and volunteering. Outside of school, I am an active Girl Scout looking to earn the Gold Award, a leader in my church’s youth group, and an ESL student instructor.”

cYw8: “Hi there! Just like the rest of the cYw student writers, I’m extremely excited about scientific research! While my own work focuses on improving the future through cutting-edge stem cell and cancer therapies, I also love studying ancient texts and applying them to my life. Here at cYw, I had the opportunity to put the two together and show how findings from the past can have so much medical potential for the future! I also love expressing myself on the piano, and develop iPhone apps in my free time. Later on, I hope to combine two of my passions – computer science and molecular biology – using them to plunge the depths of scientific issues, stitching together a world of findings into elegant solutions.”

cYw9: “Hey! I am super excited to have the opportunity to write articles for cYw! I love all things biology and was thrilled to research amazing model organisms. I recently graduated from a STEM vocational school, which focuses on Biotechnology. I am planning on going to college in the fall, hopefully double majoring in biology and an interdisciplinary concentration involving anthropology, neuroscience, environmental science, and geology. In my spare time, I enjoy creating and appreciating art as well as reading and researching science. I’m also very involved in school and volunteer in both my school and local communities.”


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